Ohio Winter Lectures

The annual Ohio Winter Lectures begin Friday, January 27th, and run through Sunday, January 29th. This year’s keynote speakers include Matthew Morine, Mark Day, David Kenney, and others. We are genuinely excited about this event and welcome any and all visitors to be with us for this incredible weekend.

This year’s theme is called “The Shadow King.” The Story of David is one of the most remarkable in the scriptures. From a young shepherd slaying Goliath to a fierce warrior and, eventually, king. It’s a story of leadership, bravery, faith, sin, despair, and redemption. He is a shadow of the future King – Jesus.

Topics include “The Shepherd,” “The King,” “The Warrior,” “The Poet,” “The Leader,” “The Sinner,” and “The Repentant.” Join us for this fantastic weekend lecture at the Church of Christ on Fishinger Road.

Friday – January 27

6:30 pm     Welcome

7:00 pm     David the Shadow King
Matthew Morine

8:00 pm     Open Forum
Matthew Morine, Mark Day

Saturday – January 28

8:00  am     David the King
Matthew Morine

9:00 am      David the Shepherd
Mark Day

10:00 am   David the Warrior
Matthew Morine

11:00 am   Lunch – On Your Own

1:00 pm     David the Poet
Mark Day

2:00 pm    David the Leader
Matthew Morine

3:00 pm    David the Sinner
Mark Day

4:00 pm    The Times of David
David Kenney

Sunday – January 29

Worship 9:00 & 11:15 AM

The Repentant David
Mark Day

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