Our Children's Ministry focuses on our Infant - Pre-Kindergarten age children.

Children's Ministry

The purpose of the Children's Ministry a is to provide a safe, loving, fun, and comfortable environment for both you and your child. To accomplish this, our volunteer staff will walk, rock, read, feed and play with your children to ensure that they are content.

We believe these early years of life are unparalleled in importance for building character, love and a positive response to Christ and the Church. We want your child's time here to be happy, well-directed and profitable.

Your child is very important to us, and we seek to provide Bible-centered teaching and care designed to meet the needs of each child.

Sunday morning classes for your child include: Nursery Class for Newborn - 11 months, 1 Year of Age, 2 Years of Age, 3 Years of Age, 4 Years of Age, and several classes for elementary age children.

Children's Bible Hour

Children's Bible Hour

Children’s Bible Hour is offered every Sunday evening for children 3 years old through 3rd grade. It provides an opportunity to teach children about the Bible at their level.

Children engage in building relationships and in learning the Bible story for the day. During Bible Hour, children sing age-appropriate songs with movement. Children learn the Bible story through drama, visual aids and other media. This teaching time plants the knowledge of Jesus’ love in the young hearts and encourages children to worship and praise God.

Children's Library

The Children's Library "speaks volumes" about God and Christian values. John 1:1 states "In the beginning was the Word," and our children are also just beginning. They are on the early pages of their lives as people of faith. What better way to nurture them than to provide books that deliver God's word in age-appropriate ways. Books and videos can often say what we believe but can't find words to express. Children's writers and artists use scriptures, holy words, and images that draw our kids into God's word.

The library exists to assist children and families with spiritual growth and development by providing inspiration, guidance, enjoyment, and provides resources and tools for our Bible class teachers. Annual activities hosted by the Children’s Library include the Egg Hunt, Winter Fun Party, and building Gingerbread Houses.

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Thursday School

"Thursday School" is an annual program for 3 and 4-year-old children offered on Thursdays from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, beginning mid-September and ending in May. Children must be registered to be a part of this program, and intend to attend consistently.

At Thursday School, children will learn bible lessons each week, as well as age-appropriate instruction around letters, numbers, science, and more! With additional guest presenters, special activities, and field trips, Thursday School is a spiritually and developmentally enriching program for your child.

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Children's Programs

Throughout the year various children’s programs are hosted by families in the church that plan and execute many different activities. Below is a list of the events that take place every year:

God's Girls

This program is for girls in 3rd through 6th grade.  The group is involved in several service projects and fellowship activities throughout the year.

Gingerbread House Party

In December, children from Kindergarten to 6th grade participate in decorating a gingerbread house. They spend time together decorating their houses with icing and all sorts of candies. 

Winter Fun Party

In coordination with the Gingerbread House Party, children ages 3-5 participate in their own party, which includes lunch, a craft, decorating cookies, and watching a video.

Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt is held each year in March or April for children 1-12 years old. All are invited to come and bring their parents.