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Bible Class

  • November 27, 2022 | 10:15 am - 11:00 am


“Ephesians” – Clay Brown – Auditorium and Zoom

“Romans” – Kerry Hurff and Richard Osbourne – Room 200

“Inviting People Into Christ’s Body” – Bill Moore and Paul Gartman – Room A

“The Names of God” – Greg Tidwell – Room C

“Character’s in Genesis” – Jason Hoeflich – Room 7 (20’s Class)

“The Gospel of Luke” – Brandon Edwards – College Room and Class



“Evangelism” – Landen Wright, Jason Gilbert, and Ben Coyle – Middle School and High School Boys

“Evangelism” – Hayley Wright and Jennifer Gilbert – Middle School and High School Girls


CHILDREN’S CLASSES: Joseph, Daniel, and Jesus’ Early Life and 1st Year of Ministry

Cradle Roll – Bridget O’Neill and Katelyn Dougan

1 Year Old – Jennifer Myers and Fouzia Waggoner

2 Year Old – Adam and Sara Rush

3 Year Old – Ramona Haynes and Meghan Haynes

4 and 5 Year Old – Summer Spencer and Elizabeth Galloway

Kindergarten – Tom and Linda Maynard

1st Grade – Alana Cramlet, Elena Baumgard, and Morgan Bochnak

2nd and 3rd Grade – Gretchen Mayes and Kaitlynne Brindza

4th and 5th Grade – Lynne Moore and Taresa West